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Buying homes has never been easier for professionals. Whether it’s Residential or Commercial, Tt Consultancy will search above an entire city to help you make your dreams into reality. One of the core pillars of Tt Consultancy is privacy. Our Director personally manages each client relationship to ensure your details are kept secure and handled discreetly.


Beginning our Search

Tt Consultancy will do all the intensive research and present you with a short list of properties that match your brief. Notification alerts for all major real estate portals will be set up to inform us of new properties on the market. Tt Consultancy will also reach out to our network of agents to find out of any suitable properties that might not be officially on the market yet, so you’ll have an exclusive first look.

Inspecting Properties

Tt Consultancy will inspect all properties that are of interest to you and provide a detailed report of the property including potential pitfalls for the buyer. This will free up your valuable time and allow you to spend time doing what you really love. Who wants to be spending their free time researching property after property? Tt Consultancy will take that tedious task out of your hands.

Strategic Negotiation

We are experienced in negotiation so you can trust that Tt Consultancy will represent your best interests during the purchase process. The goal is to find you your dream property or best investment.


Market Analysis

When Tt Consultancy finds the perfect property, we will prepare a full market appraisal and investment report with supporting data. The key factors analysed are: Capital Growth, Data, Statistics, Rental Yield Capacity, Local Development and Scarcity Factors.


Documentation Review

Tt Consultancy handles the tedious paperwork and explains clearly the terms and conditions of your investment purchase. Tt Consultancy will assist with the final contract and documentation along with your nominated legal representative


Tt Consultancy will conduct a pre-settlement inspection prior to finalising agreements and settlement. We will Collaborate with your legal team to ensure a seamless transition.

“Going above and beyond to get results is not a task, …it’s my passion.


Save Time

Time is precious and special moments are hard to come by. Treasure your time with loved ones. Tt Consultancy makes the time, when you can’t, allowing you to spend more time enjoying life.

Objective and Focused Investment

With every purchase there are always emotions involved. Tt consultancy stays objective while searching for your dream home and focuses on your needs and wants.

Tailored Service

Tt Consultancy tailor each partnership arrangement to suit your requirements and budget. Our understanding that no two homes are the same, allows us to tailor our service to all situations. Understanding your needs and wants to surpass traditional rapport is our passion

Strategic Negotiation

Tt Consultancy execute a skilled, predetermined approach to execute our plan of action and to stay within budget during final pricing negotiations.

Experienced Insights

Tt Consultancy have an extensive understanding of economic factors that would impact the price of the housing market thus ensuring the best possible price for your investment.

“Tania did a great job to find us an investment property. She took the time to explain the process, understand our requirement, and source a property that gives us the best rental and capital return. Tania is resourceful, knowledgeable, and hard working. We look forward to working with her again.

Andrew Wratten

“When doing business with Tania Tran of Tt Consultancy, you are dealing with the ultimate professional. Tania’s communication is of the highest standard. Tania is straight forward honest and to the point. Tania leaves nothing behind and gets the job done. It is a pleasure doing business with you Tania, I look forward to completing many more transaction with you.

Glenn Flanagan

“Tania has high level of expertise within the property industry and provides a very personalised service for her clients. Working with Tania is an easy and stress-free process and her service delivers desired results. Tania also provides excellent level of due diligence and is very flexible to work with the client to deliver the desirable results in a short amount of time. Overall, Tania provides a very high standard of buyer’s agent service and her client’s can rest assured Tania will endeavour to do her best to deliver the highest level of property that is the most suitable to her clients needs.

Valentina Greyze

“Tania is a great buyers consultant and she’s very passionate about her job. I love the fact that Tania is people focused on all aspect of property investment, capital gain, meeting time frames ,extremely professional, and she kept us well informed. If you want peace of mind in buying an investment, Tania is the right buyer’s consultant, because she has great communication skills – keeping you constantly informed and making sure its your choice of preferences.”

Tessy Moore

“Tania is an extremely hard working agent and provided us with invaluable advice through the process of securing our first property. With the current market conditions Tania’s expertise and market insight were very helpful. Tania was always contactable and very receptive to feedback and I don’t believe we would have received such a good result without her services.

Emma Wedmaier

“Tania provides a professional and energetic approach to finding the property you’re after in a timely and cost-effective manner. Her negotiation skills are unmatched and will ensure every purchasing opportunity is clearly communicated with you. Tania’s strategic approach to auctions will protect you from overpaying and eliminate the stress and emotion that goes into competitive bidding. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, have Tania in your corner. You only stand to win.

Ben Freidman

Brisbane Buyer’s Agent

Finding Dream Properties

Whether you’re looking to purchase your next home to create precious family memories, or you’re on the search to capitalise on the investment property market, Tt Consultancy offers a wide range of services tailored to your specific needs and wants.

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    At Tt consultancy we are keeping up to date with rapid legislative changes in the real estate industry and remaining vigilant about health and safety during this Covid-19 pandemic. We are service driven and love a challenge! We are equipped with embracing and utilising the latest technological advances available to our industry. Our most important aim is to provide a fair and even playing field, giving our clients the opportunity for capital growth in the future. We pride ourselves on negotiating for the purchaser and ensuring a level of care and service tailored to their needs while walking in their shoes. This enables us to build trust and heartfelt, lifelong relationships.