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Beginning our search

Tt Consultancy does all the intensive research, presenting you with an exclusive list of properties that strictly matches your specifications.


Inspecting Properties

We inspect all properties of interest, providing you with a detailed report of the shortlisted properties including potential pitfalls.


Strategic Negotiation

As professional negotiators, we will always respect, and represent your best interests during the purchase process.


Market Analysis

We will prepare a full market appraisal and investment report with supporting data and analyses.


Documents Review

We provide you with a term-for-term breakdown of the terms and conditions of your investment purchase.


Finalising & Settlement

We will conduct a pre-settlement inspection during the closing phase and collaborate with your legal team to ensure a seamless transition.

About us

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Buyers Agent

Buying homes has never been easier for professionals like ourselves. Be it residential or commercial, Tt Consultancy will scour an entire city to find your dream home. More notably, our director personally manages each client relationship to ensure your details are always handled discreetly and securely.

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How we help

Going above
and beyond
to get results

01. Save Time

Time is a precious commodity. Unlike money, time once spent can never be retrieved. Life’s too short, and Tt Consultancy finds the time for you when you can’t. Spend less time worrying about property-hunting, and more time with your loved ones.

02. Objective and Focused Investment

Emotions always run high with every property purchase. As experienced consultants, we focus our search and objectively assess houses that surpass your needs and wants.

03. Tailored Service

No two houses are the same, and no clients share the same tastes. Every consultation is different, so we tailor our services to meet your individual property goals and aspirations.

04. Strategic Negotiation

Instead of putting yourself in the hot seat, we strategically negotiate on your behalf to secure a healthy price within your set budget.

05. Experienced Insights

We methodically assess all the economic factors that affect prices in the housing market, allowing us to determine and settle on the highest possible return on your investment.

20 years Experience in
customer service
27 days Average turn around time
55% off Market

Why Work With Tania?

Tt Consultancy prides itself on providing exemplary service whenever you need us. Above all, we love what we do because we enjoy fostering ongoing relationships with all our clients. Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, we have helped scores of clients secure their dream homes. Don’t settle for less, but the best!

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Our experienced agents will assume all the search costs, sparing you the hassle of property hunting for days on end. With our expansive network of partners, Tt Consultancy has full access to market stock typically unavailable to prospective home buyers. Enlist our support today, and we will both speed up, and broaden your property search horizons!

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