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At Tt Consultancy, we understand that navigating Brisbane’s competitive property market can be complex, especially in Oxley where homes are in high demand.

That’s why you need a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you source, negotiate and secure a property in Oxley and make the entire property purchase journey seamless and stress-free. Get started with a free consultation today.

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If you’re in the market for a new property, our specialist Brisbane buyers agents are here to help.

As hard as we worked for our knowledge in the Brisbane property market, all of our buyers agents will work equally as hard to understand your property wants, needs and goals. Despite having a real estate agent background, we aren’t just looking to sell real estate.

Tt Consultancy provides a personalised service tailored just to you, dedicated to finding your perfect property in Oxley at the right price. We use our local knowledge and industry experience to take a traditionally time-consuming process and turn it into a smooth, stress-free experience that ultimately leads to a successful purchase.

What Our Buyers Agents Will Do For You

Imagine having a personal guide in the intricate world of real estate – someone who tailors every search to your desires, inspects properties with your unique needs in mind, and strategically negotiates on your behalf. Whether you require assistance with a home or investment property in Oxley, our experienced buyer’s agents will take care of the process from start to finish.

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Researching Properties

Our experts delve deep, presenting you with an exclusive list of on and off-market properties that precisely match your specifications, ensuring your property search is not just comprehensive but tailored to your unique needs.

Conducting Property Inspections

Trust our buyers agents to inspect properties with your vision in mind. We go beyond the surface, providing you with detailed reports on shortlisted properties, outlining why they are perfect for you and highlighting any potential pitfalls.

Negotiating Agreements

Our expert negotiators respect and represent your best interests throughout the entire property purchase process. Our insight and negotiation skills will see that you get your dream property for the best possible purchase price.

Conducting Market Analysis

We provide a full market appraisal and investment report, supported by data and analyses, giving you a strategic advantage in understanding the dynamics of the area market.

Reviewing Documents

As your buyer agent, we provide you with a term-for-term breakdown of the terms and conditions of your investment purchase, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations and objectives.

Finalising Settlements

Experience a seamless transaction with Tt Consultancy during the finalisation and settlement phase. From conducting pre-settlement inspections to collaborating with your legal team, we ensure every detail is addressed, providing you with the assurance of a smooth and successful end to your property buying process.

Our buyers agent services will see you with your dream property in no time!

Who do we help?

There is only one requirement for property buyers to use our buyer’s agent services – and that’s to be looking to buy a property in Brisbane. We offer our services to anyone looking to buy a property – be it their first or tenth – who needs the extra assistance. Whether you’re a local, ex-pat, an investor or a home buyer, our expert Brisbane buyers agents at Tt Consultancy can make sure all of your needs are met and the experience of finding your ideal property is smooth.

First-Time Home Buyers

Buying property for the first time can be as stressful and nerve-wracking as it is exciting. We can help you keep the nerves and stress at bay, so you can have more enjoyment over this milestone.

If you’re looking to purchase your first home, a buyer’s agent can provide extra guidance as well as education for any future purchases. Our market knowledge and experience mean we can ensure your first property purchase will run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Property Investors

No matter whether you’re looking to purchase for income or as part of a property investing portfolio, investing in buyers agent services will help you find your next investment property.

We can provide market insights and analyses for investment properties that will help you with choosing the ideal location and style so you can be better informed before making a final decision.


Whether you’re moving interstate or returning from overseas, Tt Consultancy can provide you with assistance for any and all aspects of the buying process. The Brisbane market has most likely changed since you were last here or you’ve never experienced it before, and that’s where our valuable buyers agent services come in.

We can provide insights and act as your eyes and ears for the Brisbane property market while you focus on organising the move.

Repeat Buyers

Just because you’re experienced in the property game doesn’t mean you aren’t in need of a helping hand.

By now, you’d have a fair idea of what parts of the purchase process you do and don’t enjoy. Maybe the thought of all the time spent negotiating with real estate agents to buy a new property is putting you off. Either way, we do it all and are here to help you get your next dream property.

Commercial Real Estate Buyers

Purchasing commercial real estate is known for being more complicated than the residential property buying process – which is why a commercial property buyer’s agent is an invaluable asset during your property search.

We can take care of the entire process for you with our commercial property services, including property inspections, due diligence, leasing contracts and settlement.

Moving To Oxley, Qld

Oxley is a sought-after suburb in Brisbane’s south-west that is bordered by the Brisbane River and was part of the Suburban Community Improvement Programme. 

With close proximity to the Brisbane CBD, affordable home prices and convenient access to shops, healthcare, and transportation, the area has experienced an annual compound growth rate of 12.5% for houses and 17.7% for units. For investors, this rapid urban renewal has seen an annual rental yield of 4.2% for homes and 4.8% for units (source). 

The Oxley property market is competitive with homes in high demand, so it pays to enlist the services of a dedicated buyers agent with access to off-market properties and insider knowledge of the Brisbane real estate industry. Contact Tania at Tt Consultancy today to learn how we can help you secure your dream property in Oxley.


Commuting to the CBD is straightforward with a dedicated train station and easy access to the Ipswich Motorway and Centenary Motorway. 

Oxley is home to several major retailers including Bunnings, The Good Guys, and Officeworks, plus major supermarkets, cafes, and smaller stores. 


Oxley has a population of approximately 9,100 with the average age group sitting between 20-39 years old. In 2023, approximately 70% of the homes in Oxley were owner-occupied. Oxley is predominantly made up of couples with young children and is a family-friendly neighbourhood with many parks for residents to enjoy. 

Health & Education

Oxley State School is the local primary school with nearby access to various other primary and secondary schools in neighbouring suburbs, including St Joseph’s Catholic Primary in Corinda, Glenala and Corinda State High Schools and St Aiden’s Anglican Girl’s School.

In regards to healthcare, the closest hospital is Canossa Private Hospital at Seventeen Mile Rocks Road.  There are several local GP clinics in the area as well. 

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