Buyers Agent Fees And Costs

When it comes to purchasing your dream home or investment property, a buyer’s agent could be the one key factor that takes you from potential buyer to property owner. For those living a busy, professional lifestyle, it can be hard to set aside the time needed to put 100% focus on the property search.

A buyer’s agent will be able to locate, inspect, negotiate, review and close the property on your behalf, as well as provide invaluable insight and knowledge on the local real estate market. But while you may know what a buyer’s agent can do for you, one question remains: How much does a buyers agent cost?

Buyers agent fees can be broken down into three pricing models

A buyer’s agent cost for a full service will vary from agency to agency, however, the pricing model will be structured the same way.


A fixed-fee model means that a buyer’s agent fee will be the same price regardless of the property price.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing models mean that the buyer’s agent fees are based on the property’s price bracket.

For example, if the property you wish for a buyer’s agent to help you purchase falls within the $650,000 – $800,000 bracket, you will be charged a set fee. If the property is at a lower purchase price, you will be charged a lower set fee. If your property is in a higher bracket, you will be charged a higher set fee.

Property Purchase Price Percentage

This is when a buyer’s agent charges a percentage of the final purchase price, which is generally around 1.5 – 3%.

This exact percentage will often vary depending on your agreement with your agent and on the agency itself.

Is a buyer’s agent worth it?

Now that you have an understanding of the question ‘How much does a buyers agent cost?’, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth spending the money. With a buyer’s agent, your property buying journey will be smooth sailing. If you invest in using a buyer’s agent for a full service, you’re paying for someone else to save you time and stress by finding a suitable property for you (on or off-market), negotiating the price to suit your budget if needed or auction bidding, reviewing all documents, liaising with all other parties involved in the buying process, and closing the deal.

A buyer’s agent has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the local property market and extensive experience in dealing with real estate agents. A key part of a buyer’s agent’s role is negotiation, which could lead to a few thousand dollars difference off your final purchase price. Buyer’s agents will also negotiate better terms and conditions and get you access to select off-market properties.

The property purchasing process takes time and needs to be carefully conducted. Regardless of the buyers advocate cost, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of spare time or is unfamiliar with the real estate market, a buyer’s agent can be an invaluable asset to have on your side for the entire process.

Tt Consultancy buyers agent fee

We like to keep an open and honest relationship with our clients about our buyer’s agents fees, which is why we stay transparent with our fee structure and pricing. We offer two options for our buyers agent Brisbane fees – a fixed flat fee or a purchase price percentage.


We offer a fixed-fee structure pricing up to $600,000 for peace of mind and to make it easier for investors to calculate their costs.

Property Purchase Percentage

Our buyer’s agents charge a percentage fee from $600,000. This helps us add value to our services – especially in the consultation phase to align the ideas of your needs and wants vs budget and reality.

Why choose us as your buyers agent?

Not all buyer’s agents are as honest and transparent as we are at Tt Consultancy. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients just as much as we do on our real estate knowledge and expertise. When in the business of finding dream properties, we leave no stone unturned whether you’re a home buyer, property investor or commercial property buyer. Our comprehensive buyer’s agent service covers all bases of the property purchase process, from shortlisting suitable properties to finalising the deal.

If you’re looking for an experienced buyer’s agent in Brisbane with a solid knowledge of the local market and a dedication to finding your dream property for your next property purchase, get in touch with us.

Want to learn more about buyers agents?

If you’re still not sure what a buyer’s agent is, we’ve written this handy guide so that you have a total understanding of what we do and how we can help you find your dream property. What Is A Buyers Agent?

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