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July ’21 Newsletter

Wow! July is here. • Recap on our last purchase experience. • New government support scheme for single parents on the home loan.

JUNE ’21 Newsletter

Buy or rent – Decision, decision! While owning a property provides more stability and personal, renting gives more flexibility and no commitment.

MAY ’21 Newsletter

Due to high demand and short stock supply to the real estate market. Tt Consultancy has added a service to our already busy buying service – Sale service.

APR ’21 Newsletter

With the uncertainty that COVID brought us last year. It was a questionable time for the economy and real estate market. We were on edge waiting to see what will come to pass.

MAR ’21 Newsletter

We can’t believe March is already here, the 3rd month of the year! March is also our director Tania Tran’s birthday month and so we are declaring it Tania’s “Me” Month!

JAN ’21 Newsletter

New year new opportunities for those who are dreaming of entering the real estate market. Year 2020 was full of challenges and 2021 is full of hope, so bring it on. It is your year to achieve your dream.